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Hendrik Henrico, is the Production Manager, who started with the Company when it was still in its formative years. He has gained a wealth of experience and has trained most of the production team personally.

The factory is owned by Blendtonel’s Fruï Zest (Pty) Ltd., and was custom built for specialized processing. Blendtonel’s is able to produce 1000 tons of product in a working month and has the capacity to double output with minor adjustments. Production is run by a team of food technologists. Processing is done in a 3400sqm hygienic facility with ultra modern, specialized equipment.

The factory has the ability to pack aseptically. One of Blendtonel’s strong points is the flexibility of the factory. Products can be produced and packed in varying quantities and packaging, including tote bins. Products are generally manufactured to client specifications and we manufacture 200 different products.?

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